270+ AI Directories for Product Submission

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A list of 270+ AI directories to submit your AI-related products — be it a fully-fledged SaaS or a simple prompts list. The list is available as a Notion Database as well as an Airtable Base that you can duplicate to your accounts.

Here is a preview of what it looks like inside Notion:

Along with directories' names, you will also get several other data points about each directory:

  • Directory Name
  • Website Address
  • Submission Link
  • Price to Submit
  • Monthly Traffic
  • Authority Score (SEMrush)

We will keep updating the list every 3 months.

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You'll get Notion and Airtable databases with all AI directories.

Available as
Notion, Airtable
Every 3 months

270+ AI Directories for Product Submission

0 ratings
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